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26 January 2020

43 People Killed in Chitral Floods. Bodies found in Afghanistan's Province.

Several people are missing in Ursoon valley of Chitral as flash floods hit a mosque as well as a security check-post. According to District Nazim Chitral Maghfirat Shah, 16 people were offering their prayer in a mosque at Ursoon valley when flood in the nearby gully submerged the worshippers. They are feared dead as chances of survival under the debris are slim.

District Police officer Chitral Asif Iqbal confirmed 15 people dead at Ursoon. The rescue operation as of writing this story is almost non-existent due to lack of equipment, machinery and disaster management professionals. Most roads are blocked and the district disaster management authority appears to remain helpless.

Those who have lost their lives in this fatal incidence have been identified as Haleemullah son of Gul Zareen, Naeemulah S/O Gul  Zareen, Mohibullah S/O Gul Zareen, Abdul Razzaq S/O Khan Muhammad, Abdul Lateef son of Abdul Razzaq, Shafeeq S/O Saeed Muhammad, Zakir S/O Azizullah, Noor Muhammad S/O Noor Islam, Abdul Salam S/O Gul Muhammad, Zawul S/O Gul Muhammad.

Rains and floods are underway and rescue operation will initiate in daylight, only if the floods stop.

‘The death toll might rise as floods and rains continue to affect several villages in Chitral. Streams and gullies are filled with mud floods’ the District Nazim added.  

Reports also confirmed that a security check post has been wiped out by the floods, where at least 12 security staff were on duty. 4 are injured while 8 other have gone missing. 

A house in Drosh has collapsed where 5 people have gone missing. Initial reports confirm that at least 70 houses have been hit by floods. Several roads are blocked and communication in the region is severely affected.

The district administration had already issued alerts to people about the possibility of floods. Several people were killed in last year’s flash floods in Chitral. 

Floods have swept away bodies into Afghanistan and 8 bodies were found in Afghanistan. Pakistan Military troops are taking part in the rescue operation. 

G.H.Farooqui has contributed to this story from Chitral, Pakistan
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