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29 January 2020

Next fight: Amir Khan vs Chris Algierie

The British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan will be fighting 31-year old Chris Algierie on May 30 in New York.  Amir announced his fight schedule using his wife’s Youtube Channel on Thursday.

Amir Khan briefly introduced Chris Algierie as a decent and credible opponent.

“You can rate him as an A-class opponent. He is a decent opponent and has beaten decent opponents. He just fell short against Manny Pacquiao.” Amir said.

Although Chris Algierie has lost only one of his 21 fights, he was outclassed by Manny Pacquiao in November, last year — knocking him down six times in a 12-round fight.

Amir Khan believes Manny Pacquiao fight with Chris Algierie earned him a fight with boxing genius Floyd Mayweather. He has followed a path that he thinks can lead to a mega fight probably with the winner of Manny pacquiaoand Floyd Mayweather fight.

"Hopefully this can lead me onto the bigger fights in the future, which we're all looking at." Amir said.

The announcement has disappointed UK fans as they wanted him to fight fellow Britisher, Kell Brook who is current IBF welterweight world champion.

Amir Khan wants the fight in New York to give the UK fans an easy travel. 

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